Company Overview

We are Canada’s leading IT solutions and technical support provider. Since our inception, our company has been committed to delivering high-quality and efficient services and solutions across various industrial sectors. We have loyal customers not only in North America, but also in East Asia and Australia. Our vision is connection, automation and simplification. We are dedicated to helping our customers transition from traditional industries to modern ones, making them more competitive in the new media age. We also dedicated to providing deep customization solutions and supporting data analysis to liberate human resources from a tedious workflow so one can be more focused on decision making and improve work efficiency.

The best one stop e-commerce solution for you

Why siteMaster?

siteMaster advantages

  • In this impetuous era we are pursuing the spirit of excellence in craftsmanship
  • All of our partners are passionate, creative and dare to challenge
  • We have an efficient agile development model
  • We customize the best solution for your target market
  • We have excellent sales, technical, operation and maintenance teams
  • We provide a full range of online media solutions
  • We focus on business needs and maximize value conversion
  • We have accumulated 10 years of experience




Best after-sales service

After each project is completed, SiteMaster will provide customers with after-sale services, including user instructions and training, system hosting and upgrades. We also offer upgrades and enhancements tailored to your specific needs in the future.

Provide training courses

We offer a variety of training courses to assist employees conducting course training. Our training covers e-commerce, SEO, website building and many other essential skills for modern enterprise employees.

We work hard and smart, to be the best!!!

Service more than a hundred enterprises

Since 2010, our company has provided various IT solutions to nearly 100 businesses in Canada. We take each business seriously, study the unique needs of each one thoroughly, and offer different 100% one-stop e-commerce services tailored to meet those needs.

Provided APP development services to more than thirty businesses

For a variety of platforms, our development team proficient in iOS, Android, hybrid platform, web APP and other development environments. Over the years we have helped more than thirty businesses to develop their unique APP applications, and provide related upgrades services.

Have an ultra-professional development team

Our development team has overcome numerous technical difficulties over the years. Since 2013, the team has completed more than 5 large-scale self-developed projects, and we are well-versed in both infrastructure development and secondary development based on open source projects.