Small Business Package

Small Business Package

Medium / Other types of Businesses Packages.

Benefit from Sitemaster’s unique approach to advisory services.Discover new insights into your business.Identify priorities for action.Deliver quick and efficient solution bundles.

Work smarter for your Small Business!

Phase 1


Kick-off meeting: Understand your business and needs.
Technology and efficiency assessment: We present you our assessment of the current technology set you are using and what alternatives there are.
Workflow introduction: We introduce the candidate solutions to you.

Phase 2

1. Identify

Identify scope: Understand the potential of your business and associated IT requirements.
Identify problems: We help you find the hurdles holding you back.Identify the unnecessary costs in your operations.Develop the Plan.

2. Overall Planning
Requirement analysis

Business model analysis: We study our customer’s business model and based on the business model we come up with the solutions.
Business scope analysis: We help our customers to set up their scope and provide them with the corresponding IT solutions.
What’s going to be achieved.

  • Increase in profit margin.
  • Reduced labour cost.
  • Reduced hardware cost.
  • Improved business process efficiency.

The development cost for each option:
List cost for all potential solutions and provide the Pro and Cons for each solution and their associated cost.
Maintenance cost for each option: List cost for all maintenance cost for each potential solution.

Phase 3

Services we will offer.


  • CMS
  • Plugins/Addons
  • Server Setup
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping cost calculation

Setup Company Email

Google Related Services

  • Google Analysis
  • Google my Business


  • CRM