Add a billing admin to your account


If you do not currently receive invoices from UPS, you will first need to create a user ID and open a payment account. If you already have an ID, you can go directly to the open a payment account step. UPS prides itself as an environmentally conscious organization, and we are taking steps to reduce the amount of paper we produce on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. This includes making all of your billing information, including invoices, available online. Alternatively, if you’re viewing your wallet in a list, find the card you want to update and select Edit under the Actions column. If you have multiple billing accounts for a customer, the billing account marked as customer default is used when creating transactions, for example a new invoice.

To cite an obvious example, a refunded amount is only stored on bills which have been refunded. Log in to your MyHydro profile and start a request for a connection that requires electrical design. The online application will walk you through the steps you or your project representative need to follow. It’s the fastest way to receive your bill and manage your account. You can pay your bill through online banking, pre-authorized withdrawals, or through equal payments to even out your bill amounts.

More Billing Tools

You can purchase other features and products with your existing GitHub payment information. For more information on creating billing accounts, see Create, modify, or close your Cloud Billing account. Paying via the Pay button will not save or update the credit card on the account. Contact our support team to let us know when you’re working with your bank so we can help prevent account deactivation to keep your account’s Mapbox services live. To order a certificate, complete a form and submit it by fax, mail or in person.

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Henifin answers questions about Jackson water system billing and ….

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Invoices can only have this status if the Mapbox Support team has taken action on the invoice.VoidThis invoice contains a mistake and does not require payment. Invoices can only have this status if the Mapbox Support team has taken action on the invoice. An invoice with Paid status will display the total paid in USD, even if your payment processed in another currency.

Add or update payment method

For information about asynchronous operations, see Asynchronous Operations. For more information about request processing, see Synchronous Versus Asynchronous Request Processing. Manage Your Bill Make life easier by taking advantage of our automated bill management programs like paperless billing, auto pay, budget billing and more.


You can switch between settings for your personal account, organization accounts, and enterprise accounts using the context switcher on each settings page. The Account Management feature in Network Edge allows users to create, view, and edit billing accounts. When access tokens are rotated, production maps will become deactivated and the requests from the deleted tokens will fail. When the new billing period begins, rotate the new tokens into Mapbox implementations to resume service usage. You can pay your water bill online, through the mail or at any of our three customer service centers or a number of private payment centers located throughout Miami­-Dade County.

Billing & Payment General Information

To protect your privacy, banks don’t give detailed information to Mapbox when credit card payments fail. If the card information seems correct, contact your bank to ask for more information or to allow payments to If payments are still being declined after contacting your bank, try adding a different credit card for the payment. When an account is enrolled in Monthly Invoicing, the option to add a billing email address will automatically appear in the account settings page. If a Mapbox service updates their preview pricing, only invoices with Upcoming status on or after the date of the update will reflect the updated preview pricing.

What is billed accounts?

Billed Accounts means accounts receivable for which a bill has been rendered to the account debtor and which are unpaid for no more than ninety (90) days from the date of the original bill.

Set up an automatic payment schedule, and add or remove payment types from your Billing Center wallet. Account Settings Add or remove service accounts, edit your profile, change your password, connect your bank account, and other settings. Lists terms and conditions of the billing account including interest rate, billing fee, and payment terms.

Deleting a Billing Account

If Mapbox has issued a refund, the funds will be returned to the account’s original payment method 5-10 business days after the refund has been processed. Individual Mapbox invoices will not be reflected to show refunds – if you require additional receipts for the refund, please reach out to our support team. You can add or update a credit card on an account by visiting the billing settings and clicking the Add payment method button or the Edit button if you are updating the credit card. Mapbox will send a low credit notice when the prepaid credit balance is low.


Billing & Accounts to preview pricing are not backfilled on any of an account’s Paid or Past Due invoices. Start water service to your home or business by submitting an online request, by telephone or visiting a service center. Customers in good standing will automatically receive a credit to their account for the full deposit amount after 2 years of good payment history or at termination of service.

To pay a Past Due invoice directly, please see the troubleshooting section. Most Mapbox services include a free tier of services available to all accounts during each billing period. The number of requests, elements, users, sessions, or other units included in the free tier varies by Mapbox product. You can review the free tier for each product on the Pricing page. Pay your water bill online as a one-time payment with a credit card or bank account, or enroll in free automatic payments.

For example, if the account is created or reactivated on September 15, the first billing period will be September 15 – September 30. Every following billing period will be from the first day of the month to the last day of the month (November 1 – November 30, December 1 – December 31, etc). Mapbox provides Pay-as-you-go customers an invoice for all costs accrued each month. An account’s invoices page contains monthly invoices and billing history.