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As a technology-oriented innovation company, we have developed the EAZI CRM platform. Access our platform from all corners of the globe via the internet. No need to purchase, setup or install, just sign up to get started.

Now, our professional technical team has provided you with the fastest, most complete solution that allows you to be customer-centric to do all your works. Dedicated to providing deep customization solutions and supporting data analysis to liberate human resources from a tedious workflow so one can be more focused on decision making and improve work efficiency.

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is designed to manage the most important goals of your business – to satisfy your customers. A highly effective CRM system will cover and enhance all aspects of interacting with your customers, from sales and marketing to customer service: making existing customer relationships stronger and build up new customer relationships faster – all are The core requirement of business success.

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Why EAZI CRM platform is better?

Connection, automation and simplification, which are at the core of our development of the EAZI CRM platform. And EAZI CRM is based on a variety of open source platforms to absorb the various advantages, more stable, more secure and more reliable.

Let merchants start with marketing and build strong customer relationships. The EAZI CRM customer relationship management system tracks sales along with sales channels and through various communication channels, providing you with a wide range of profile information, including all on-going businesses, performance of each sales representative, and estimated revenue. Help businesses make confident forecasts of future sales, make better decisions, and maintain customer satisfaction.

service type


Free basic CRM services
Free installation
Free to use
Basic technical support

Price: FREE

Cloud customize service

Cloud CRM service
Highly customized
Cloud server storage
Deep technical support

Price: according to the specific needs

Independent & local CRM

Install CRM to your local environment or your designated server according to your needs
Highly customized
Highly autonomous
Deep technical support

Price: according to the specific needs

Stress-free effective IT support

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