Image strings

Internet is a good way for promoting your business, you can post product image through your website or through social media channels.

There is one annoying problem. There are always someone trying to download your picture and put on their logo and promote their business.

I believe good creative should be protected, which is why I got this idea about image strings.

When you up load an image, the system took your image and slice it into strings and display them in a group. For example a 100*100 size image will be displayed as 100 1*100 images. If anyone want to download your image, they will have to download 100 times and stick them back together, gonna cause hours to just download even one image.

Let’s go to our demo page and try it out.

Step 1

Go to our image strings demo page.

Step 2

Click “Choose File”, and pick any image you want to slice up.

Step 3

Click “Go”

Step 4

Voilà! Try to download the result image, and you will find out that you can only download a string of the image.