On Demand Development Package

On-Demand Development

This is our Second Package.

Our On-Demand Development Package offers flexible and adaptive approach to meeting the specific software and application development needs of our clients.

Phase 1

Kick-off meeting: Understand your business and needs.

Requirements discussion
Identify the MVP (minimum viable product).
Identify a list of functions that must have.
Identify a list of functions that nice to have.

Pricing: At this point, we will be able to give out a ballpark number of the cost for development.

Phase 2

Requirement document:
1. Functional Requirements.
2. Non-functional Requirements.
3. Technical sets: Which technical sets we will be using and the goals we can achieve from these technical sets.

Timetable – Milestones:  The project will be breaking down into several stages with a certain amount of time and goals to achieve.

Phase 3




  • UI
  • UX


  • UI
  • UX
  • Database structure development

Communication: Throughout the development progress, our project manager will communicate will update the newest process with you.

Testing & Debugging: We test everything after the development, make sure everything runs smoothly once the system is live.

Phase 4


Server backups

  • Firewall setup.
  • Help to prevent your system from getting attacked.
  • Always have a backup plan.

Server upgrades

  • When your business grows, we help you upgrade your server to handle more customers.

Further Requirements

  • We always develop a scalable product so when you need new functions or new ideas, we can make it happen.