What is the SSL and Why You Need It in Your Online Business

What’s an SSL?

Also known as Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is a standard technology that a website builder uses especially in a commercial site. It establishes a well-encrypted connection between the web browser (client) and the web server (host).


The reasons why your online business needs it are:

  1. Ensure the security of information transmission. Since the Internet is a clear text transmission method, all the data on the website, including user name login, order details, transaction content and other sensitive information are visible, and it is easy for third parties or hackers to monitor, steal or tamper with. The use of the SSL certificate can change the plain text transmission method into an encryption method to prevent leakage of information data and ensure the security of both parties. Some payment gateways are obliged to require websites to use SSL certificates on pages such as credit card information, such as Stripe, Braintree, and advanced versions of PayPal.
  2. Improve the authenticity of the website. At present, phishing websites have become a serious threat in the Internet. Counterfeiters can quickly create a similar interface with real websites by using similar domain names to guide users to browse and steal user information. The SSL server certificate can effectively prove the true identity of the website, the legality of using the domain name, the website owner, etc., so that users can easily identify real websites and counterfeit websites. In other words, whether or not to have an SSL certificate has become an important indicator for users to judge the authenticity of the website.
  3. Increase website traffic and user conversion rates. This is the chain reaction brought about by the first two results. When visitors have a certain sense of trust in the website and know that their personal information, access data, etc. are protected, they will be more willing to browse or complete the transaction on this website. The website’s traffic and conversion rate will naturally have some Upgrade.
  4. Helps with SEO optimization of the website. Since 2014, Google has clearly identified https as one of the factors that influence the ranking of websites. Chrome and other browsers are constantly practicing this principle. In other words, websites that deploy SSL security certificates are more likely to appear in the forefront of search results pages, making them easier for users to discover.