11 outstanding web design with unique layout

For a variety of reasons, most websites follow the same rules to design the overall layout. User-conventional habits, hardware-defined interactions, usability and usability rules, make the web pages we see so similar.

However, there is nothing wrong with websites that are not the same as these traditional website layouts. These are different from the traditional web page layout, which often gives people a different look and feel, giving personality, inspiration, and bringing out ideas beyond the set. The websites collected today have works, as well as movie websites, blogs, and corporate websites. I hope that these different websites can bring you some new ideas.


The Yatzer website is uniquely designed to inspire visitors. The website also uses the grid to build the overall layout, but you’ll find that the page elements don’t stay aligned in the vertical direction. This staggering beauty makes the page more interesting and memorable.

Lane & Associates

This show page from Lane & Associates looks beautiful and simple, the most unique thing is that when you scroll the page, the image will randomly float across the page. Designers don’t seem to want to keep these images somewhere, or line up. The natural and casual design is very unique.

Jimmy Says Yes

This is also a web page designed for the wedding of Timothy and Judith. The whole layout is minimalist, and the unaligned design of the title, paragraph and text also makes the whole page feel different, and it is easy to distinguish from the same kind.

VN Star

VN Star is a real estate development group. Their website is very unique in the design of the page header. The circular elements are added to it, which is used as the center of vision and overlaps with different elements. It produces interesting effects under the effect of blessing. .

88 and 90 Lex

The really unique thing about this page is their navigation design, which is not placed at the top, nor at the bottom, but as the body of the entire page, placed in the center of the page.

Christopher Ireland

This is a fairly neat layout of the site. If you look closely at the layout of the image, you will not be able to layout it in strict accordance with the known grid system. In determining this point and then looking at the neat and beautiful pages of the organization, you will feel the originality of the website.

Brian Hoff

Many websites try to circumvent the overly complex background, but Brian Hoff’s website doesn’t. Colorful and versatile geometric figures overlap each other and are visually interesting. Another interesting design for a web page is its button, which changes shape when you hover over it.


Nlee showed us that even with the basic standard forms, the same can be done quite differently. The overlapping arrangement of geometric figures and text content can present a good visual effect, with a few icons and decorative elements, the entire page is also very full.


Everyday Signs is a quirky, interesting and interactive website that shows the way design projects are very different. The yellow frame and the overlap of different blocks make the site look like a three-dimensional interface.

Livo UI Kit

To be honest, the Livo UI Kit is not the best UI Kit, but its landing page design is quite a set, with a sloping layout, a staggered background, and this rule-breaking design will be of interest to visitors.


If you are interested in gin, then the Ginventory app can help you. The landing page design of this app is full of strange elements, different elements overlap each other, and as your scrolling rotates, overlaps, disappears, appears, moves, the changes will stop anchors, and they It won’t make you feel confused, but it will reflect their personality well.