Account Management

Account Management


From a marketing perspective, the instantaneous nature of mobile communications is a unique and exciting concept giving brands access to customers. What is even more exciting is the emergence of what has become a mobile communication phenomenon in China known as, WeChat.

The WeChat official account allows business broadcast message like twitter. These notifications are delivered directly to a user’s mobile through WeChat. We provide WeChat account management services that will help company design the WeChat broadcast message.


—–Welcome Message
Every new follower will get the welcome message once they follow a brand’s account. You need to come up with a nice welcome message for your target customers.

—–Message Auto-Reply
Reply the users with pre-set message when they send message to brand’s account

—–Keyword Auto-Reply
Brands can set auto-reply messages for keywords. E.g. If a brand set an auto-reply message for the word “A”, when a user sends “A” to the brand’s account, he will get the corresponding auto-reply message the brand set. Brands can use “Keyword Auto-Reply” for some special activities, user survey, or the situations the brand need.


We help brands defined Interactive Menu. We can create 3 menus at the most. And each menu can be with up to 5 sub-menus. Brands can display up to fifteen menu options that either send a card or open a link.

The advantages of the customized menu lie not only in that you can display features in the most obvious place directly, but also allow followers to know how to interact effectively with brand’s WeChat account.


There are a number of means by which you can convert fans, and one of them is to make sure that the QR Code of your brand gets featured in all purchase materials. Give your consumers reasons to scan your unique QR Code. Some of the common inducements to do so would be top up promotions for a purchase, lucky draws, discounts, souvenirs or free WiFi pass codes.

Moreover, adding QR Code on the packaging is also another very good alternative to promote your brand. You can put up wall posts to promote your WeChat actions as this will help you to attract the attention of your target customers and audiences.