Digital Marketing – 1 – Strategy

As an IT company you might find strange that we don’t do a lot of digital marketing, that is because we are currently getting a lot of referrals from our existing customers.

We are helping a lot of our customers doing their online marketing but to give you a better example, we think it’s better to do this on a company that never done online marketing before. What is better that do this to ourselves.

Why are business doing digital marketing why do we need strategies for it. The purpose is to build out a dedicated strategy that result in a strong return on investment.

Without invest time into strategies you are not only going to miss great opportunities, but you may find your business left behind.

Today in this article let’s talk about three distinct strategies covers your business, brand & marketing.

1. Business Strategy

Before we start, we need to ask a few questions about ourselves.

  1. Whis is our mission?
  2. What is necessary to keep the business running and maintain brand identity?
  3. Why do we stand out?
  4. What makes us unique?
  5. Why do people choose us over our competitor?

After we asked ourselves these questions we made a table about our business strategy.

Business Name SiteMaster Technologies Ltd.
Mission statement Committed to the transformation of traditional industries in the Internet era, in-depth development of automation solutions and supporting data analysis to free human resources from a single cumbersome workflow, so as to focus more on decision management and improve work efficiency.
Objectives Get in contact with more potential customers.
Build up trust worth relationship with customers.
Sell high quality IT services to customers.
Value Proposition Highly customized.
Always provide the best suitable solution to customers that not only runs smoothly now but also have the compatibility and expandability.
We have a strong team that can work 48 solid hours to get the job done.
Elevator Pitch Sitemaster provide high quality in house IT team services and more.

After we done this, we get a good understanding of our business. Let’s move on to the next step.

2. Brand Strategy

In this part we need to understand who our customer is and where we can find them. Down below is the three mission we need to complete.

  1. Reach the correct audience
  2. Understand the audience
  3. Understand where to find the audience
Target Audience Business owners C-level officers Other B2B type business that might refer us to business who has IT needs
Audience Goals See results faster Functional Requirements Fixed price or with a price guide line
Audience Technology Word of mouth
Linked In
Meet up
Technology Blogs
Door to door
Word of mouth

With this table, we now understand our audience, and we need to drill in and understand our goals for each audience.

Business Goals Get to know more businesses Build up trust worth relationship Become their IT service provider Get more referred customers Gain followers on our linked in and meetup
Shared Value Provide highly customerized solutions Professional solution with in budget Deliver on time High quality works Business is around for a long time
Key Performance Indicator # of businesses approached Cost of the project customer assigned to us # of existing customer # of partners signed up Reviews and followers on social medias
Target Get in touch with 50 businesses a month Get $5000 sales per week Maintain 10 potential customers per week Sigh up with one partner every week Get 5 star reviews on each project