Opencart Postal Code Based Shipping Extension Blog In Sitemaster

The situation we were tasked to deal with was the client wanting to setup shipping charges based on shipping postcodes when customers checkout.

We set up postcode extension here:

We achieved this function using the Formula Based Extension. We tried numerous other extensions but they did not achieve the desired results.  Formula based extensions ended up being the magic bullet here.

Now, we will explain how we set up this extension in our client’s opencart website.

First we installed Formula based Extension successfully.

After which we enable the Extension and we got the following screen:

we configure different flat charges for different Ruleset for delivery charges.

Now what is Ruleset? Using Ruleset tab in top bar ,we got following screen

we set  different zones for different sets for postcode.

Also we set value of postal code as first 3 digit of area postcode with comma separated.

Following is the quote screenshot after we enter postcode for shipping:


You can try other extensions too related to your need.For example , there is another extension Postcode-Based shipping.It restricts charges based on currency, customer group, geo zone, language and store but it doesn’t restrict the postal code.So we found Formula based shipping extension because what our client needs , it perfectly fits in that situation.In Formula based shipping extension, you can set shipping charge related to postal code. We learned many other extensions while searching for the perfect one.
Here is the link: