Why corporate/enterprise email?

In this informatized 21st century, I believe many people will have their own mailboxes. As a mainstream mail tool, the mailbox has been widely used with individuals and various industries. Many companies will establish their own corporate mailboxes, and use corporate emails for internal management and image promotion. So what exactly is a corporate email, why use a corporate email? Let me introduce you to the following.

What is a corporate/enterprise email?

Generally speaking, the enterprise mailbox refers to the e-mail address with the enterprise domain name as the suffix. For example, if the domain name of the enterprise is abc.com, the E-mail address of the enterprise mailbox is abc@abc.com. Enterprises can set up e-mails for employees of the company according to their needs, and set different permissions. They can also implement group sending functions among department members and all employees. The enterprise mailbox is very powerful, has a large space capacity, and has strong anti-virus and garbage-generating performance.

The difference between corporate/enterprise mailbox and personal mailbox

Since it is all e-mail, what is the difference between corporate e-mail and personal e-mail? What is an enterprise e-mail? The following small series lists the main differences between the two:

  • Different application scope

Personal mailbox is mainly used for personal sending and receiving mail, corporate mailbox is mainly used for business office and employee management

  • Enterprise mailbox can be recycled

If the employee leaves the company, the company can successfully recover the business mailbox, thus retaining all business contacts, thereby reducing the company’s losses. If an employee uses a personal email address, he or she will not be turned over when leaving the company, and the customer may still contact the employee’s personal email address.

  • Enterprise mailbox is safer

Enterprise mailboxes are much higher than personal mailboxes in terms of security, stability, and anti-virus and anti-spam functions. And the enterprise mailbox generally has after-sales service support, which ensures that the enterprise can use the enterprise mailbox normally and efficiently.

  • Enterprise mailbox is more powerful

Compared with personal mailbox, enterprise mailbox will have functions such as sending and receiving mail, advanced anti-spam and anti-virus, mail arrival SMS notification, mail fax, mail monitoring, mail backup and restore.

The significance of corporate email

In addition to the enterprise mailbox mentioned above is superior to personal mailbox in many aspects, what is the enterprise mailbox is also of great significance to the enterprise itself. The following is the significance of corporate email for the enterprise itself:

  • Establish and promote corporate image

If the employees use their personal mailbox to communicate with the customer, it will undoubtedly reduce the professionalism and formality of the enterprise, and the customer can not easily understand the company’s website through the mailbox suffix. The enterprise mailbox can make the customer feel the formality and professionalism of the enterprise, thus increasing the trust of the customer.

  • Efficient management of internal members

Enterprise mailboxes have professional background management, and managers can perform department classification and employee permission settings in the background. There is undoubtedly high efficiency in transmitting information and unified management.

  • Saving business costs

High-quality corporate mailboxes can save on fax and phone bills, thereby saving costs for the enterprise. Of course, this is based on the use of corporate mailboxes by internal members.

  • Guarantee the security of company secrets

If an employee uses a personal mailbox, it is impossible to set security management and monitoring functions for the mailbox, so the company secret can be easily leaked through the form of mail. At the same time, when the employee leaves the company, the customer may contact him through the employee’s personal mailbox, resulting in the loss of corporate customer resources. Therefore, the enterprise mailbox can effectively protect the security of the company’s confidentiality.