Why does a company need to build a website?

First of all, building a website requires combination of knowledge of many professional fields. A website with pure static HTML pages requires at least one professional website visual designer. In addition to being creative, aesthetically pleasing and familiar with image processing software, the designer needs to know HTML and CSS in order to turn the static design into a web site with interactive effects and clickable links. To add animation and smooth the transition, a professional animation designer needs to be involved which is the common case nowadays since Flash is not supported any more on mobile platforms.

If a back-end management functionality is required. A professional web programmer needs to be in charge of developing the back-end management system. Since the back-end content needs database to store and retrieve the information. A professional database engineer needs to jointly develop the website. Furthermore, to make the server operate stably and prevent crashes, attacks and hackers. It is necessary to have more professional network security engineers to carry out server environment setup and maintenance.

Besides the website itself, it is also necessary to attract business and traffic to it. You will often need a professional internet marketing expert to help you advertise, build fan groups, optimize SEO sites, buy keyword ads…

Such an industry that integrates visual design, animation design, programming, database design and optimization, network security, network marketing and SEO. What do you think is the cost of a website and how much effort and time is there behind it?

In addition, a static website refers to a website without any program function, such as .html web pages.

A dynamic website has a program function that can change the text or image content through the background management interface. Because the content of the web page is often changed, it is called a dynamic web page. It is your first impression of customers in the online world. If there is no website, just like a business without a business card, you can’t quickly attract attention.

So why do you need to build a website? Because the website is like a super business platform that works 24 hours a day. It can show your service content to customers anytime and anywhere, and there is no regional restriction. As long as you can access the Internet, you can see your website. The website can be spread all over the world. The construction cost of the website is also much lower than the cost of the physical store. Your website does not need to pay the monthly utility fee, and does not need a lot of employment expenses. As long as you pay a little bit of the domain fee and host fee every year. Therefore, the website is a very important marketing channel for companies or individuals.