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wechat development


  • Early communication: Understand the needs of your clients with full depth of communication. Provide our own professional advice for your consideration.
  • Planning: Targeted planning and design based on the information obtained during the previous communication. Maintain communication with customers, allowing customers to better understand each function of the project.
  • Plan approval: After the communication and planning, client approves our plan, and according to the plan to enter the development stage.
  • Development stage: With the specific requirements of the project plan, develop stable and practical functional components.
  • Test: Look for potential loopholes and patch vulnerabilities to lay a solid foundation for stable operation.
  • Deployment: Passed the test and formally launched after the calibration and project acceptance.
  • After-sale servicesAccording to customer needs, formulate the corresponding post-maintenance plans for long-term stable operation.

Service type

Service Accounts

WeChat service accounts focus on customer service and CRM. They offer more robust functionality.

Service accounts are the best choice for businesses with a wide base of the audience or with large customer databases, such as airlines and hotels.

Subscription Accounts

WeChat subscription accounts focus on information and brand communication. They are used much like a daily news feed.

Subscription accounts are the only type of official account that are open to individuals, such as bloggers and celebrities.

Corporate Accounts

While subscription accounts and service accounts target at external markets, WeChat corporate accounts are primarily for internal communication and management.

With third-party APIs, corporate accounts have multiple internal management functions, such as internal chat room and resource sharing.

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